In April, Denver hosted the first CBD burger offered by a major fast food chain. This weekend, another quick-eats business is giving the corporate nod to the Colorado capital’s newest (sort of) legal psychoactive compound: the psilocybin found in “magic mushrooms.”

On Tuesday, the Quiznos Facebook account announced a one-day special for its Magic Mushroom Melt sandwich. The sandwich includes “tie-dyed” bread and polychromatic Swiss cheese — rainbow hues that missed Denver Pride by a week — slathered in neon green and purple ranch dressing, tomatoes, and a triple-stack of juicy mushrooms.

And despite the sandwich’s name, no, the mushrooms aren’t magical. They’re regular old ‘shrooms, unfortunately.

“This fun and savory new sub will have Denver getting its gastro groove on — at least for one day,” said Sheila Zimmerman, Vice President of Marketing at Quiznos’ parent company, the REGO Restaurant Group, in a press release. “While the Magic Mushroom Melt looks psychedelic, the only truly mind-bending elements are its fabulous flavor and artistic design.”

The sandwich will only be available at the Quiznos on 1275 Grant Street this Saturday, June 22. At $9 a meal (which comes with a drink and a bag of chips), expect supplies to run out fast. So if you’re planning a — ahem — trip to the Mile High City, you might want to book that flight, like, now.

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