Pete Davidson-Backed Brand Hits NY, Sheriff Gets Busted for Selling, Pro Tennis Player Snitches on Weed Smoker: MJ Daily News
Even more celebrity cannabis is coming to the Big Apple, a tennis player finds the smell of pot annoying, and, not-so-ironically, a cop gets caught slinging weed.
Published on August 30, 2023

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Pete Davidson and Kacey Musgraves’-Backed Weed Brand Comes to New York

Flower by Edie Parker, a poppin’ celebrity-backed weed brand, is hitting the shelves at Ascend Wellness’s pot shops in New York, reports NJ Biz

The brand is famously backed by comedian-turned-Ye-troll Pete Davidson, country artist Kacey Musgraves, Chelsea Handler and Anne Hathaway.

The lux brand offers pre-rolls in fancy, gold-inked tubes. According to a spokesperson from Ascend, the brand’s presence at its stores in Illinois and Missouri has grown more than ten times in the past year.

US Tennis Player Maria Sakkari Said She Smelled Dank During Her Lost Match

US pro tennis player Maria Sakkari complained about smelling dead skunk during her last match with Rebeka Masarova at the US Open. 

In actuality, “It was weed," Sakkari said after her loss, according to ESPN as reported by FOX News.

Of course, by her own admission, “it's something we cannot control, because we're in an open space. There's a park behind. People can do whatever they want." In that case, why complain about it in the first place? (Unless you need to buy some time to extend that inevitable loss.)

An Alabama Detention Deputy Gets Arrested For Selling Weed

A detention deputy with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office was arrested for slinging illegal drugs.

Terrance Darnell Kirkland was busted for mostly selling weed, but other drugs were also among his supply, reported WKRG Mobile.

It has to make us wonder how many people Kirkland processed on weed charges, then turned around and committed the same (victimless) crime that they did. 

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