Recreational Pot Shops Brace for Hordes of Solar Eclipse Tourists Set to Smoke Out Oregon
About one million people are expected to visit Oregon for the total solar eclipse on Monday, many of whom will likely seek out legal pot.
Published on August 20, 2017

Tomorrow, people across the United States will be treated to a rare and spectacular total solar eclipse. In anticipation for this highly touted event, many Americans will be traveling across the country to catch an optimal view of the moon’s perfect passage between the Earth and sun. The state of Oregon is expecting to see a million visitors for the event, and there’s no doubt that many will be seeking out legal cannabis to enhance their experience.

In fact, a number of dispensaries in the Beaver State have already seen a stark spike in cannabis sales ahead of the eclipse. Some local pot shops are taking advantage of the hype, offering special deals and products tied to the astrological event. For instance, the Milwaukie, OR dispensary Oregon’s Finest will sell a special hybrid strain called Moon Puppies, and will distribute the now incredibly hard to find protective solar eclipse glasses to paying customers.

Meanwhile, in Portland, the marijuana tourism company High 5 Tours are hosting the “Stoner Eclipse Adventure 2017,” a two-night camping trip that includes transportation to eastern Oregon, food, and protective glasses. Most small town pot shops are also gearing up for the influx of customers, compiling as much product as possible.

"Tourism already to Oregon, plus an eclipse, is doubling up. And that means customers are doubling in our door. I mean, we're swamped this morning alone,” said Mike Drevecky, an employee at the Little Amsterdam Wellness Center in Milwaukie.

However, not every Oregon cannabis dispensary will be able to satisfy the growing demand created by the solar eclipse. One shop in the city of John Day is turning away recreational customers in order to ensure that they have enough product for local medical users.

Stoners are expected to flock to other parts of the country to watch the total solar eclipse as well, but crossing into states without legalization could be a dangerous game for cannabis-minded science enthusiasts. In Wyoming, the closest state in the “path of totality” to legal weed sanctuaries like Colorado and Nevada, law enforcement has publicly warned pot users to leave their stash at home. And with even simple possession of pot carrying up to one year in jail in Wyoming, it’s probably a good idea not to take your chances and start the longer drive to the Beaver State’s inclusive eclipse parties.

Tyler Koslow
Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with an intensive focus on technology, music, pop culture, and of course, cannabis and its impending legalization.
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