NFL Player Antwaun Woods Arrested for Pot Possession and Tampering with Evidence
Woods is the second Cowboys player to be arrested for weed in the past month.
Published on December 6, 2019

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Antwaun Woods was arrested this week in Frisco, Texas, after a late night traffic stop led to the discovery of two ounces of weed, a grinder, and a loose joint extinguished in a water bottle. 

According to TMZ, Woods was charged with possession of marijuana over two ounces but less than four, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a seemingly extraneous additional charge for tampering with evidence. 

Woods was pulled over at 11:15pm on Tuesday night for driving 77mph in 60mph zone. Officers on the scene said that they smelled weed during the stop and asked Woods if there was marijuana in the car. The two-year NFL veteran quickly admitted to traveling with two mason jars full of weed and a grinder in a backpack inside of the vehicle. 

But before the arrest was over, police spotted a joint roach floating in a water bottle, which Woods said he had put out as he was being pulled over. Instead of including the discarded joint in the total cannabis weight tally, though, police decided to use the floating butt as reasoning for a completely separate “tampering with evidence” charge. 

Over the past few years, both current and retired NFL players have called for revisions to the league’s incredibly strict cannabis policies. But while NFL officials have stalled on introducing medical marijuana provisions to the league’s substance abuse policy, a large number of players continue to use cannabis on the low.

Woods joined the Cowboys in 2018, but has struggled with injury this year, recording only 15 tackles over the first 13 weeks of the season. Dallas team officials have already announced that Woods will miss the team’s upcoming game in Chicago this week.

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