New Yorker Says He Found a Half-Smoked Joint in His Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
A joint may be a perfect complement for most meals, but when the weed is already smoked and stuffed between two brioche buns, those bake-and-bite plans become a lot less appetizing.
Published on November 13, 2019

A New York City diner is irate after finding a roach in their fast food meal, but the contaminant in question didn’t come with creepy crawly legs. Nope, in this case we’re talking about a charred roach clip. 

According to the New York Post, 23-year-old NYC resident Jeremy Merdinger stopped by a local Alphabet City Popeyes location to try the second coming of the chain restaurant’s famously viral fried chicken sandwich. 

When Merdinger got home to enjoy his much-lauded meal, though, he discovered an extra special side dish in his take out bag — a pre-smoked joint roach nestled between the sandwich’s two brioche buns.

“I was shocked at first,” Merdinger told the Post. “These are things you see on social media a couple of times a year, and for it to happen to me, I was shocked and disgusted.”

Merdinger, who works at an “influencer marketing firm,” is no stranger to viral sensations. And after sending an email to Popeyes corporate office with his story and complaints and receiving an unsatisfactory reply, he said that he sent the story to the Post and posted the photos on social media. And just like that, the fast-food story took off on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the 23-year-old reacted to the joint as if it were radioactive plutonium. 

“I was taking my last couple of bites from the second sandwich when it fell out and into my lap,” Merdinger said. “It was 100 percent marijuana. I saved the evidence. It’s in a plastic bag at home.”

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Since Popeyes reintroduced their chicken sandwich earlier this month, long lines have sprung up daily at locations across the country. Prompted by its own viral social media fame, the sandwich has spurred frequent arguments and even violence. With that kind of stress, it’s no wonder Popeyes employees are bringing a little extra lettuce to work. 

A Popeyes representative told the Post that “we take all feedback about our meals seriously and quickly take action to make sure all of our guests have a good experience,” but did not mention if the company had offered Merdinger an official apology or refund. 

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