New York Man Arrested After Trying to Sell a Pound of Weed on Facebook
The Albany pot dealer told a stranger on the internet that he had “tons of weed,” but never considered that he was talking to a police informant... until the cops showed up at his door.
Published on February 26, 2019

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If you’re in the business of selling drugs over social media, you might want to screen your customers before you invite them over to buy weed at your home. Unfortunately for one Albany, New York pot dealer, one new Facebook friend led to his not-so-surprising arrest.

According to reports from local ABC affiliate News 10 and the Albany Times Union, 23-year-old Kerry Bendel was arrested last week after soliciting a stranger over Facebook — who turned out to be a police informant — to purchase a large quantity of cannabis.

The story all started with a photo uploaded to the social media platform showing an empty mason jar above the caption “it’s almost time to fill up.” In a comment under that photo, Bendel reportedly wrote, “Dude, I’ve got tons of weed, I can hook you up.”

After making arrangements to hook up his new Facebook buddy with way more weed than could fit in a single mason jar, police arrived at Bendel’s home and discovered one pound of cannabis packaged for immediate sale, and another six pounds of weed stashed throughout the house.

Bendel was then arrested for possession and distribution of marijuana, arraigned, and then sent to Albany County jail.

And so for everyone out there looking to put a few extra dollars in their pockets through pot sales, let Bendel’s story be a lesson: Facebook is for political arguments with your grandmother, and a breeding ground for narcs — and not much else.

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