New AI Weed Art Turns Iconic Weed Strains Into Superheroes and Villains
AI art has officially personified cannabis strains into villains and superheroes.
Published on January 28, 2023

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If you’ve been on the internet any time in the past two months, then you have probably seen AI art in the news and all the controversy around it. But now, there’s a weed AI art site that’s making crazy images of strains as if they were superheroes and villains — think Marvel meets cannabis.

The group behind this weedy AI art trend is @herb_buddies. They’re taking iconic strains, like Jack Herer Purple Haze, and Blue Dream, and turning them into intergalactic warriors and mystical creatures. People are into it admittedly more than we thought they’d be — the response on Instagram has been overwhelmingly in favor of these superhero/villain strains.

The first set of AI Marvel-esque strains were all men. And the commenters obviously noted that. So the dudes behind herb buddies made a series of women. Of course, the strain known as Alaskan Thunderfuck was made into a woman. Once again, we’re not so sure how we feel about this. Additionally, most AI art generators depict women with huge tits — that’s a layer to all of the AI controversy — and here we see that playing out again with all the strains depicted as female superheroes. Is this occurrence because AI is made by men? We truly can’t think of another reason why this would be.

Regardless of what we think, the post was a hit among their followers, who were ecstatic with the new creations. These heroines also came with imaginative backstories for each character.

While the first post of the male superheroes received around 14K likes and around 200 comments, the second post received 7,140 like and over 100 comments.

After Herb Buddies’ first two superhero posts gained them a lot of traction with their followers and even some attention from cannabis influencers, they decided to capitalize on the success and release an even bigger post featuring prominent supervillains from the cannabis strain universe. Their followers ate it up.

The world of AI art is just getting started. Maybe they’ll do a series on iconic hash strains next.

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