Nearly Two Out of Three Americans Plan to Give Weed Gifts This Valentine's Day
Your partner is way more likely to love receiving some dank green flower instead of the same tired old red roses and chocolates.
Published on February 10, 2023

More than half of American adults are planning to enhance their romance with weed this Valentine's Day, according to a new national survey.

Multistate cannabis operator Verano Holdings commissioned consultancy firm Wired Research to ask 961 Americans if they planned to include cannabis in their Valentine’s plans this year. The results were a resounding yes: 61% of respondents said they were planning to gift weed to their partners, get high with them, or both. Out of those who plan to get high this year, 13% also said that they do not plan on drinking any booze at all. More than a third of respondents said they would love to receive some dank flower as a gift this year, as well.

Younger Americans were far more likely to include cannabis in their Valentine's plans than their older counterparts. Seventy percent of Gen Z and Millennial respondents said they would use or gift weed this year, compared to 57% of Gen X'ers and Boomers. These findings are consistent with many other polls which report that cannabis is far more popular among younger people. But unusually, the new poll found that parents were much more likely (69%) to roll weed into their Valentine’s plans than adults without kids (57%).

The survey also turned up another somewhat unexpected finding. Respondents who lived in the Northeast were more likely (66%) to include weed in their romantic plans this year than people who live in the Midwest (55%), West Coast (61%), or the South (63%). Pollsters suggested that this might be due to the fact that several Northeastern states have recently started selling adult-use weed. This is the first Valentine's Day that residents of Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont will be able to buy legal weed.

Nearly a quarter of the respondents said that cannabis puts them in a more romantic mood, and 23% said that weed has improved their sex life. And although this survey is completely subjective, researchers have confirmed that the aphrodisiac powers of cannabis are no myth.

Several recent research studies report that cannabis can bring on longer, more frequent, and more satisfying orgasms. These aphrodisiac effects are so potent that one recent study suggested that cannabis could help close the “orgasm gap” between men and women. Stoners are also apparently more likely to get it on, and even to have children, than those who don't partake.

“The data from the survey show that Americans use cannabis to relax or improve their mood, which can help people be present and more connected, which is crucial to a better love life,” said Shannon Chavez, California-based psychologist and sex therapist, in a statement. “Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for couples to try something new together and try a more dynamic and less formulaic approach to intimacy, which cannabis can help inspire.”

The survey only explored Valentine's plans for 2023, but adult-use sales data shows that Americans have been using weed to spice up their romance for years now. Even as far back as 2018, legal dispensaries reported a 40% boost in edibles sales and a 22% boost in overall weed sales on Valentine's Day.

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Chris Moore
Chris Moore is a New York-based writer who has written for Mass Appeal while also mixing records and producing electronic music.
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