Mourners at a German Funeral Were Accidentally Dosed with Hash Cake
The hash cake was so strong that 13 people got dizzy, nauseous, and needed medical attention after the funeral.
Published on October 30, 2019

A somber scene at a funeral in Germany turned into an unexpectedly stoned event, when funeral goers at a service in the town of Weithagen were accidentally dosed with hash cakes during a post-burial reception.

According to concurrent reports from the Associated Press and Sky News, the marijuana mix-up happened after a restaurant employee responsible for preparing the post-funeral pastries passed the task on to her 18-year-old daughter. Baking at home, the daughter made one batch of traditional cakes, and another batch of hash cakes for a completely separate event. When it came time for her mother to take one set of cakes to work, let’s just say the wrong sheet pan was left in the freezer.

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And so once the funeral service finished and mourners met in a nearby restaurant for coffee and cake, grief and sadness weren’t the only feelings flowing through the room. By the end of the day, 13 people had got so stoned that they sought medical attention for pervasive dizziness and nausea. Thankfully, because it was just cannabis, none of the accidentally-drugged mourners experienced any long-term effects. 

But in one final act of absurdity before the situation is put to rest, the restauranteur’s 18-year-old daughter is currently being investigated by local police for potential criminal charges over the cake confusion. 

The incident took place in August of this year, but in an effort to respect the funeral-goers, the news was not made public until this week. 

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