Mojo Meets Munchies: British Company Creates an Aphrodisiac Potato Chip
Tyrells' new honey and chili chip claims to be "the first crisp with aphrodisiac properties that's ever been created."
Published on January 16, 2019

It’s no secret that cannabis can act as an erotic enhancement; just look at all of the products made to increase stamina and sensitivity with ganja. But what about when the munchies hit when it’s time to get down to business? Thankfully, British snackfood company Tyrells has got you covered.

According to the Daily Mirror, the potato chip purveyors will release a new flavor this month designed specifically to get you in the mood. The “aphrodisiac” chips — or crisps, as they’re called in the UK — will combine honey and chili flavoring that Tyrrells says will “get pulses racing” in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re to believe Tyrrells press release, the honey of the chips will be "tinkering with hormone levels,” while the chili punch adds a tingle to the tongue that trigger nerve endings, boosts endorphin levels, and heightens heart rates. Just make sure you wash your hands in between activities.


"Our new honey and chilli variety has an extra special place in our hearts as it is the first crisp with aphrodisiac properties that's ever been created,” Tyrrell marketing manager Sarah Lawson said, according to the Mirror.

Sadly, it is not yet clear if the limited edition munchies will be available outside of the United Kingdom, so to American lovers looking for a dual-use stimulant in the kitchen and the bedroom, you may need to resort to its closest US equivalent — Romeo’s BBQing With My Honey flavored Rap Snacks. We’re pretty sure they’ll accomplish the same goal.

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