Mila Kunis Just Sold $8 Million Worth of "Stoner Cats" NFTs in 30 Minutes
The new Stoner Cats animated comedy, featuring Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Seth McFarlane, and Jane Fonda, can only be watched by people who buy NFTs.
Published on August 4, 2021

Actress and comedian Mila Kunis just sold over $8 million worth of NFTs that grant exclusive access to Stoner Cats, an animated comedy about – you guessed it – cats that get high.

These five-to-seven-minute animated shorts track the lives of Ms. Stoner, an older medical marijuana patient with Alzheimer's Disease, and her five loving felines. Kunis will be playing the role of one of the cats, along with her husband Ashton Kutcher and comedians Chris Rock and Seth McFarlane. Jane Fonda will provide the voice of Ms. Stoner, and Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum (the cryptocurrency used for NFT transactions), is also voicing one of the cats.

Stoner Cats is an adult animated short series centered on five house cats who mysteriously become sentient,” the show's FAQ explains. “With their *higher* consciousness, they realize that their beloved owner, Ms. Stoner, needs rescue from a myriad of dangerous situations. With great *flower* comes great responsibility.”

The idea for the show was originally conceived by long-time TV industry veterans Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole and Ash Brannon just before the pandemic hit. Kunis and her production company, Orchard Farm Productions, were charmed by the idea and agreed to back the project. 

Initially, the team considered airing the show on a traditional streaming network, but decided that the animation market was seriously oversaturated during the pandemic. Instead, the producers chose to jump in on the new trend of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), blockchain-based digital assets that represent the ownership of unique virtual items.

“If you own the collectible NFT, you gain membership to a super cool club,” the show's website explains. “That club is your admission to the show. PLUS you’ll get access to exclusive stuff and fun perks.... Stoner Cats NFTs will act as lifetime passes that unlock all future content released.”

Last week, Orchard Farm released the first 10,420 Stoner Cats NFTs, which sold out in around 35 minutes, reportedly raising around $8.3 million. These lucky buyers are now the only people who will be able to watch this new show, at least until the company makes more NFTs available, anyway. 

But while some of the buyers were probably just excited to watch the show, others were clearly hoping to flip these scarce tokens for an extreme profit. One buyer already made nearly $70,000 reselling their Ms. Stoner card for 30 ETH, and the buyer of this token is now trying to flip it again for 35,000 ETH – which is currently worth over $81 million.

So far, the weed world has been a bit slow to embrace the NFT trend, but a South African cannabis company did rake in $16,500 selling unique NFT-authenticated cannabis seeds along with some basic digital art last month. 

Chris Moore
Chris Moore is a New York-based writer who has written for Mass Appeal while also mixing records and producing electronic music.
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