Mike Tyson Is Expanding His Cannabis Empire to the Caribbean
The former heavyweight champion of the world is in talks with the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda to open a cannabis resort in the Caribbean paradise.
Published on October 2, 2019

Boxing legend and newly minted California ganjapreneur Mike Tyson is looking to expand his cannabis empire. But instead of heading for the hills of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle or the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara, Iron Mike is heading for the islands. 

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Tyson is in talks to open a second tourist destination for marijuana lovers in the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Tyson recently visited the two-island country to meet with Prime Minister Gaston Browne to discuss plans for the cannabis-themed resort and a corresponding annual legal weed conference.

“[The conference] will be like the Davos of cannabis,” Prime Minister Browne said, referencing Switzerland’s annual World Economic Forum. “It will take place on an annual basis and will bring stakeholders from throughout the globe and right here on Antigua to discuss various opportunities within the industry. So, we are very excited about that. They are also interested in establishing a hotel accommodation property, and they will be looking at a number of sites to determine suitability.”

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Tyson’s 420-acre ranch in Desert Hot Springs, California has already received heaps of press for its planned glamour camping, golf course, cannabis education tours, and music festivals. But with those amenities not yet completed, Tyson Ranch has recently become more famous as the training grounds for Mike’s iron lungs. But even without his flagship cannabis farm ready for daily visitors, Tyson is confident that Caribbean expansion will not only be a financial success for himself, but for the people and government of Antigua and Barbuda as well.

“It will be good for the country and will bring in much-needed funds to help your economy,” Tyson told Prime Minister Browne.

Antigua and Barbuda are still reeling from the damage done by Hurricanes Maria and Irma in 2017, and relies on international tourism for a significant portion of the economy. In 2018, the country legalized cannabis for medical and religious purposes, opening the door for local and out-of-country investment and green rush growth.

“Our tourism numbers are falling and anything we can do to promote and help bring in the tourists should be welcomed,” an Antiguan tourism official told the Mail. ”We depend heavily on tourism which helps create employment for our people. We are grateful to Mike Tyson for coming to the rescue.”

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