Medical... Milk? California Opens Parodic, 420-Themed Dairy Dispensary
Need a healthy way to relax? Golden State milk makers want you to stop by their new dispensary-themed market to try moo-rijuana and CBD — California Based Dairy.
Published on February 14, 2020

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In what can only be described as the world’s most utterly absurd ad campaign, the California Milk Advisory Board has launched a new marketing endeavor co-opting the language and imagery of the Golden State’s cannabis market — all to sell farm fresh dairy.

In a tongue-in-cheek attempt to drive customers and internet hype to cheese, milk, and yogurt, the Advisory Board is opening the world’s first brick and mortar “Dairy Dispensary” in Venice, CA. At the one-of-a-kind dispensary, visitors will be able to buy rolled ice cream, “micro-dosed butter,” and flavor-infused yogurt. Unfortunately, none of the products will contain any real THC or CBD, and any reference to 2% will refer to fat percentages and not terpenes.

"California based dairy foods, or CBD for short, not only taste delicious but are a natural way to enter a golden state of feeling everything from bliss to excitement," John Talbot, CEO of the California Milk Advisory Board, said in a press release. "A dispensary-inspired setting offers consumers an unexpected and unforgettable way to experience their favorite foods made with real milk produced on family dairy farms using the nation's most sustainable farming practices."

Over the past few decades, plenty of straightlaced companies have used marijuana jokes and imagery to try and attract a certain customer base, but the new campaign from California’s dairy farmers is perhaps the most ambitious attempt at joining cannabis culture yet. In the press release announcing the dairy dispensary, the Milk Advisory Board said the goal of the initiative was to “[tap] into dairy’s place as the new original mood-enhancer — wholesome, natural, and legal in all 50 states.”

If you’re still not quite convinced that the Golden State’s dairy farmers are really on-board with cannabis culture, you can check out the industry’s latest super trippy TV spot below. And if you’re in SoCal next week, you can stop by the diary dispensary on February 22nd from noon to 6pm.

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