Massive Amount of Loose Weed Mysteriously Washes Up on Florida Beach
Locals missed out on a chance to score some free bud because the washed-up weed had already started to rot.
Published on July 26, 2023

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Several pounds of loose cannabis flower just washed up on Neptune Beach in Florida this weekend after a failed drug smuggling attempt. 

Local beachgoers initially alerted the cops after discovering large amounts of weed randomly scattered across the beach. At first inspection, the mysterious brownish buds looked a lot like sargassum, a common form of seaweed. But a closer look revealed that it was a different kind of weed altogether.

“I did pick it up and smell it to see what it smelled like, and it was weed,” said Zach West, who was visiting the beach with his mother that day, to local NBC affiliate WJXT. “So, I was like, ‘OK, that’s kind of crazy.’”

West's mother called 911 immediately, concerned that children might decide to eat this decaying bud straight off the beach. Local cops promptly arrived to investigate and confirmed that the seaweed was indeed cannabis. Police have yet to disclose exactly how much pot was found, but some local beachgoers estimate that several pounds were scattered amongst the dunes.

“There was pot, just marijuana, all up and down here,” said beachgoer Bryan Crews to WJXT. “I don’t know from personal experience, but watching shows, if you put it all together, it probably would’ve been five to ten pounds.”

In a recent social media post, the Neptune Beach Police Department confirmed that they discovered “a large amount of marijuana which washed ashore along the shoreline near Florida Blvd. It appears a large quantity likely broke open at sea and separated before coming ashore.”

The unexpected high tide seemed like the perfect opportunity to score some free bud, but cops advised people to steer clear of the washed-up weed. “Before anyone starts thinking about coming out and turning this discovery into your own treasure hunt, we would advise against it,” the police cautioned. “After floating in the ocean for some time, the marijuana has quickly begun to degrade and rot. Please avoid the area until cleanup is completed.”

Facebook users couldn't resist making a few witty comments about trying to “save the bales” before the cops cleaned them up. “Shark attacks are going to skyrocket because they will all have the munchies,” one commenter joked. “And they're wondering why orcas are ganging up,” another quipped.

Of course, that's not the first time that a massive quantity of weed has washed up on a Florida beach. And until prohibition ends, it won't be the last. In 2020, shortly after Gov. Ron DeSantis made the controversial decision to reopen state beaches at the height of the pandemic, beachgoers found a plastic barrel stuffed with 90 pounds of weed floating offshore near the Florida Keys. Beachgoers have found other illegal drugs, including a bundle containing nearly $1 million worth of cocaine, just chilling on state beaches as well.

Florida isn't the only state to report finding mysterious drugs washing up on shore, either. Another million dollars' worth of coke and weed floated onto a family-friendly Alabama beach in 2019, and San Diego surfers found an entire abandoned boat stuffed with illegal weed washed up on a local beach later that same year.

Chris Moore
Chris Moore is a New York-based writer who has written for Mass Appeal while also mixing records and producing electronic music.
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