Keystone Cash: Pennsylvania Passes $500 Million in Medical Marijuana Sales
Despite persistent product shortages, Pennsylvania dispensaries surpassed half a billion in medical marijuana sales in just two years.
Published on November 14, 2019

It may not be California or Colorado, but Pennsylvania is constructing a reputation as a medical marijuana hotspot, and is raking in cash along the way. 

According to a new report from the Associated Press, just two years after legal weed dispensaries first opened their doors, the Keystone State’s medical cannabis program has now surpassed $500 million in total sales.

Pennsylvania passed a medical marijuana law in 2016 legalizing the plant for patients suffering from a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, and autism. Earlier this year, state officials expanded that list of qualifying conditions to include anxiety disorder.

In a press conference announcing the $500 million in sales benchmark, John Collins, the director of PA’s Office of Medical Marijuana, said that the program is currently home to 72 dispensaries servicing 147,000 patients. Those pot shops see some 65,000 visitors every week, with patients typically spending $120 each during those trips.

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But even with dispensaries, cultivators, and state coffers bringing in millions every month, Pennsylvania’s program has already seen its fair share of follies. With less than 20 companies currently producing pot for nearly 150,000 patients in the legal market, PA has already seen significant product shortages at dispensaries across the state and high prices when legal weed is available.

Despite those early pitfalls, Pennsylvania dispensaries recently began rolling out a second wave of newly licensed brands, hopefully adding a much-needed pick me up to depleted pot shop backstock.

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