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Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted for Trump

A week later, Yeezus belatedly endorses the President Elect.

by Adrian Nuñez

Kanye West’s knack for making headlines because of something controversial he said is nothing new. But his latest rant is certainly a head scratcher for most. Last night at his sold out Pablo show in Inglewood, California Kanye West admitted he that he didn’t perform his civic duty of voting. It could’ve ended right there, but it didn’t. Yeezy went on to say that if he had voted, it would have been for Donald Trump.

Kanye’s love of sensationalism makes this announcement less surprising. But it did turn off many of his fans at the concert, who booed and walked out on West’s performance. This leads many to wonder why Kanye would endorse the President Elect a week and a half after the election. Could it just be Yeezy being Yeezy? Or a part of his grand scheme to take office when he runs for president in 2020? Only he knows the truth. 

Check out West’s endorsement here.




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