Joe Exotic the Tiger King Is Launching a Weed Line, Making Music and Running for US President
Joe Exotic is taking another swipe at new business ventures... and the race to the White House.
Published on April 25, 2023

The controversial former zoo owner, current convict and 2024 presidential candidate Joe Exotic is partnering up with Kingmaker Cannabis to start a new weed brand and musical venture.

On the holy 4/20, the famed “Tiger King” announced the collaboration as a part of a larger statement expressing his support for federally legalized cannabis and decriminalization policies. 

This isn’t the first time Joe’s stepped into the cannabiz- in 2021, he launched his own company, Joe Exotic Cannabis, and started selling Tiger Piss: A weed infused seltzer with a catty moniker. 

It’s also not the first time he’s made comments on drug policies. Before Tiger Piss, in 2017 while running for Governor in Oklahoma (Joe’s first attempt at an election), he criticized the state’s lack of action against methamphetamine, and suggested legalizing cannabis. 

As Oklahoma's NonDoc reports, he wanted to see the potential industry’s revenue distributed into society, saying:

“…every dime of that [revenue] stays in that county to help those schools, those fire departments, those police departments and to fix those roads.”

His other opinions on decriminalization of drugs are shared by many Americans. In 2021, The Appeal reported that 59% of people supported the idea, and it’s relevant: Some states are considering decriminalizing small amounts of drug possession and legalizing magic mushrooms. It’s not been long that ketamine therapy has been available. 

And while it didn’t help that he was arrested a few years later for trying to get Carole Baskin killed, and for literally slaughtering tigers, he hasn’t lost hope of a successful presidential run

If you’re willing to overlook the multiple acts of violence, you might see a tiger on the White House lawn. Joe Exotic originally planned to run under the Libertarian ticket, but switched to the Democratic Party in April.

Joe also revealed in his latest website post that he would be diving into new musical projects with the company’s underground scene subsidiary, Kingmaker Music

The company has made albums with various producers before, but they might not be ready for The Tiger King. In case you’re unfamiliar, you can check out his unnecessarily detailed diss track about That Bitch, Carole Baskin. 

Unfortunately, he's been producing music for many years. It hasn’t been without controversy either, as Vanity Fair reveals he’s had a fancy for using other musician’s vocals while insisting they were his. 

Regardless, his most recent statement says Kingmaker is thrilled to partner up with his brand and even support his campaign. Hopefully, for Joe, it pans out better than his cryptocurrency

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