Is the TSA Hiring Kids to Get Through the Government Shutdown?
A Twitter user posted a photo of a pre-teen checking suitcases at airport security on Friday morning, and the internet immediately exploded.
Published on January 25, 2019

Step away from the luggage, Doogie Howser.

It’s been over a month since Donald Trump shuttered the federal government as a bargaining chip in his border wall temper tantrum, and an end is still nowhere in sight. But as the president suggests that furloughed employees could somehow borrow groceries from their local store, federal workers are struggling without paychecks, and federal agencies are struggling with record numbers of absentee call-outs.

For the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the sick calls have gotten so bad that the airport bag checkers have apparently employed the help of… a kid?

According to a post from Twitter user Culuh Munay, a young boy dressed in a button down work shirt and tie — walkie talkie afixed to his hip and everything — can be seen passing personal belonging bins through the TSA conveyor belt. 

Uploaded Friday morning with the caption “Bruh they got kids helping TSA now,” the picture quickly went viral, with Twitter users comparing the apparent underage employee’s look to the viral Wal-Mart yodeler Mason Ramsey, and others instantly turning the photo into a meme.

Munay has not responded to MERRY JANE’s request for comment about his photo, and with no more information available, it is still not clear where the picture was taken, or if it is even real. After all, we could be looking at a simple ‘take your kid to work day’ miscommunication.

Of course, child labor laws restrict kids from working in America, and any facade of security would seem to be null and void by the presence of a pre-pubescent bag checker — rubber gloves or not.

Still, with so many TSA workers calling out around the country, it wouldn’t surprise us if the security experts were really that desperate, and called in the best Fortnite player they could find. 

Just make sure you don’t touch my vape, alright, sport?

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