Here's Who Opposes Recreational Marijuana In California
California’s plight to legalize recreational marijuana is a highly political saga.
Published on July 20, 2016

From a lack of education to a battle against high taxes, California’s recreational marijuana fight is a nuanced and highly political saga. As the state inches closer to the November election, the climate has grown more intense. There is so much at stake in the fight to legalize marijuana in California, even out of staters are throwing their money and time at the issue, according to industry insiders.

Counties across the state have strong networks of proponents, from Sierra County to the Coachella Valley. Yet throughout the state, medical marijuana patients are facing political pressures, let alone those in the fight for recreational.

So, who exactly opposes legalization here in CA? Here's a list of people and organizations who will be voting no on Prop 64:

Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs

California Association of Highway Patrolmen

California Hospital Association

California Narcotic Officers Associations

California Peace Officers Association

California Police Chiefs Association

California State Sheriffs’ Association

California Correctional Supervisors Association

Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana – CALM

Community Action, Service & Advocacy – CASA

Community Alliance for Healthy Minds

International Faith Based Coalition

Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers

Los Angeles Police Protective League

North Coastal Prevention Coalition

Organization for Justice and Equality

Palomar Health Communities Coalition Escondido

Peace Officers Research Association of California

Riverside Deputy Sheriffs Association

San Diego School Boards Association

Santee Solutions Coalition

The Small Farmers Association

Vista Community Clinic

Elected Leaders:

Senator Joel Anderson

Senator Cathleen Galgiani

Senator Jim Nielsen

Assemblymember Bill Brough

Assemblymember Jim Cooper

Assemblymember Matt Harper

Assemblymember Young Kim

Assemblymemeber Tom Lackey

Tony Rackauckus, District Attorney, County of Orange

Mike Ramos, District Attorney, County of San Bernardino

Jeff Reisig, District Attorney, County of Yolo

Anne-Marie Schubert, District Attorney, County of Sacramento

Dennis Michael, Mayor, City of Rancho Cucamonga

Kevin Muldoon, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Newport Beach

Ray Musser, Mayor of Upland

Katie Dexter, Board Member, Lemon Grove School District

Tom Bosenko, Sheriff, County of Shasta

Bruce Haney, Sheriff, County of Trinity

Sandra Hutchens, Sheriff-Coroner, Orange County

Donny Youngblood, Sheriff, County of Kern

John Minto, Councilmember of Santee

Carol Timm, Councilmember of Upland

Alan D. Wapner, Councilmember of Ontario


Bishop Ron Allen, International Faith Based Coalition

Michael Borges, Chief of Police, Escalon Police Department

Christopher W. Boyd, Chief of Police, Citrus Heights Police Department

Ruben Chavez, Chief of Police, Livingston Police Department

Miguel Colon Jr., Chief of Police, Imperial Police Department

Stephen Wayne Cramer, Chief of Police, Cloverdale Police Department

Dan DeSmidt, Chief of Police, Belmont Police Department

Aaron W. Easton, Chief of Police, Marysville Police Department

Steve Frazier, Chief of Police, Madera Police Department

Greg Garner, Chief of Police, Selma Police Department

Jerel Haley, Chief of Police, Atascadero Police Department

John Incontro, Chief of Police, San Marino Police Department

Ron Lawrence, Chief of Police, City of Rocklin Police Department

Matthew McCaffrey, Acting Chief of Police, Novato Police Department

Mark Raffaelli, Chief of Police, South San Francisco Police Department

David Reynoso, Chief of Police, El Monte Police Department

Salvatore Rosano, Chief of Police, Retired, Santa Rosa Police Department

Robert Sanderson, Chief of Police, Retired, Arcadia Police Department

Frank J. Scialdone, Chief of police, retired, Fontana Police Department

Ron Scott, Chief of police, retired, Livermore Police Department

Robert N. Sharpnack, Chief of Police, Costa Mesa Police Department

Sam Spiegel, Chief of Police, Retired, Folsom Police Department

Jennifer Tejada, Chief of Police, Emeryville Police Department

George Turegano, Chief of Police, Huron Police Department

Brian Uhler, Chief of Police, South Lake Tahoe Police Department

Pat Walsh, Chief of Police, Lompoc Police Department

Shelley Zimmerman, Chief of Police, San Diego Police Department

For more, check out the who makes up the opposition to marijuana legalization here. As we’ve noted before on MERRY JANE, legalization is coming down to the wire in dramatic fashion.

Justin O'Connell
Justin is a California-based writer who covers music, cannabis, craft beer, Baja California, science and technology. His writing has appeared in VICE and the San Diego Reader.
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