Here's What You Need to Know About Cannabis Treats For Pets
Can Fido enjoy marijuana too?
Published on September 20, 2015

Every now and then, as a pet owner, we're sure you find yourself feeling guilty after treating your pets to "human food". Though it's hard to avoid, have you ever thought about sharing a "special" treat with your furry best friend? Yes, we are actually talking about splitting your cannabis-infused edibles with your pet. 

This new cannabis market, seemingly on the rise through companies like Treatibles and the medicinally-focused Canna Companion coming onto the scene, are currently exploring marijuana-based products for pets (the latter sells pills rather than treats, but it’s the same idea). We know what you’re thinking, but giving cannabis-infused treats to your pets isn’t meant to get them high so that they'll hang out with you while you binge watch Friends on Netflix. This type of product can actually provide certain benefits to your pet, which can be important if you want to keep your furry friends healthy and happy.

Treats for Treatment

When you give your pet a treat, it’s normally as a reward for them being good. Treats infused with hemp, on the other hand, operate in a different manner. Essentially, they’re a disguised medication that relieves symptoms experienced by sick or aging pets. These treats are non-psychoactive and, according to Treatibles, aim to treat mood and appetite disorders, cancer, pain and cardiac troubles in pets. The focus here is on these treats’ low THC derivatives. By isolating CBD and CBN, the creators have developed an ethically-viable product that safely administers the medical part of the marijuana. By ensuring all concentrates used in these edibles are extracted from a specific type of plant, the focus is on making sure pets don’t experience a “high” or any other non-medicinal effects, much like how there are THC-free alternatives for cancer patients.

Hemp, Not Marijuana

In order to operate in more of a legal grey area, these medicinal companies are deriving extracts from hemp, not marijuana. They extract materials from the stem of the plant, which is still considered cannabis but is allowed to be moved across state lines due to it’s 0.3% trace of THC. By ensuring that the CBD used is derived from hemp, not marijuana, these companies have some form of legal ground, although it is still tenuous. Nevertheless, the edibles for pets industry is smart. By emphasizing the fact that their practices are aimed at healing and treating pets, they can operate with less stigma than many recreational marijuana companies.

It's important to remember that cannabis treats for pets are not meant to get them high. Rather, the main purpose is to relieve symptoms in older pets or provide pain relief. With no THC and high traces of CBD, these treats are ideal for treating pain, eating and mood disorders and many other common illnesses suffered by domesticated animals. If you’re looking to keep the fuzziest member of your family safe and sound, cannabis treats maybe be just the ticket, but talking to your vet first is probably a good idea.

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