Group Backed by Seth Rogen, Styles P, Pusha-T Is Pushing For Federal Weed Reform
"The current Congress is the most cannabis-friendly in history, but there’s still not quite enough support to get legalization through the Senate," reads the initiative's website. "That’s where you come in."
Published on July 31, 2022

A celebrity-led initiative launched this week, urging US senators to approve federal cannabis legalization.

The group, Cannabis in Common, includes A-listers such as Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, and rappers Pusha-T, Styles P, and Beanie Siegel. The initiative also includes NBA legend and cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington, as well as activist Marvin Bing.

While celebrities have been calling on Congress for years to remove “marijuana” from the Controlled Substances Act, Cannabis in Common is specifically addressing American senators. This month, the US Senate introduced the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA), a massive bill that would legalize cannabis nationwide. 

However, unlike the US House where cannabis-supporting Democrats hold a slim majority, the US Senate is deadlocked 50-50 between Democrats and progressive Independents butting heads with Republicans. While Vice President Kamala Harris can issue a tie-breaking vote, major legislation such as the CAOA must overcome a filibuster, requiring 60 votes from the Senate instead of only 51.

In other words, not only must every single liberal vote on the bill, but at least ten Republicans must approve it, too. Cannabis in Common, however, is pushing its message along a bipartisan front.

“These days, it often feels like politics is defined by our disagreements,” said Cannabis Voter Project director Sam D’Arcangelo, Complex reported. “But more than two thirds of Americans believe cannabis should be legalized. We all need to make our voices heard so elected officials know this issue is important to voters.” 

As the 2022 midterm elections heat up, Cannabis in Common will roll out its “Roll Up to the Polls” campaign to educate voters on cannabis reform. 

It’s time for the Republicans to stop catering to the most extreme, radical elements of its voter base.  And it's time both parties finally legalize this plant so we can create more jobs, reignite the economy, bolster our healthcare system, and give cops something better to do than waste tax money on busting people of color for doing the same thing white people do.

To learn more about the Cannabis in Common initiative, or to contact the US Senate and tell them to vote for the CAOA, click here.

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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