Donald Trump Ecstasy Pills Are Now a Thing, Unfortunately
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Published on July 15, 2019

US President Donald Trump has a reputation for slapping his brand on all kinds of failed endeavors, including but not limited to beef steaks, casinos, and hotels. A recent arrest in South Carolina, however, turned up ecstasy pills bearing his likeness, which, obviously, did not receive the Trump Organization’s official seal of approval.

On Sunday, Myrtle Beach Online reported that police placed drug possession charges against Timothy William Lucas Logar. Police say they pulled over Logar after smelling weed coming from his vehicle. A search turned up a whopping 0.7 grams of weed (the amount that can fit into one skinny joint) and two “colorful Donald Trump-shaped” ecstasy pills.

The police report says a test confirmed that the Donald Trump pills contained MDMA, the active ingredient of ecstasy.

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MDMA is an amphetamine compound that is currently being studied as an FDA-approved treatment for PTSD. The latest research suggests that MDMA can practically cure PTSD in as little as two MDMA-assisted psychotherapy sessions. Currently, no conventional medical treatments can effectively control PTSD, much less cure it.

Although some therapists regularly administered MDMA to their patients in the '80s, the drug became outlawed in the US and other parts of the world in the early '90s, after it became a popular high in the underground rave scenes.

On the street, MDMA is often sold as ecstasy or molly. These illicit forms of MDMA are often adulterated with more dangerous compounds like crystal meth, cocaine, “bath salts,” or fentanyl. Many forms of ecstasy or molly don’t contain MDMA at all.

Lab data at the pill testing website Ecstasy Data indicates that one type of orange-colored Donald Trump pill, which features a stamp reading “Great Again” on the back of it, likely contains MDMA. Correction: a lot of MDMA.

One tweet from 2017 claimed that Donald Trump pills discovered in Vienna contained 265mg of MDMA. According to the late organic chemist and psychedelic guru Alexander Shulgin, only 80 to 150mg of MDMA is needed for most adults to feel the drug’s full effects. 

MDMA is known for instilling a supreme sense of chill and loving acceptance in its users. While the irony of pressing an MDMA pill resembling a fear mongering, white supremacist-sympathizing autocrat isn’t lost on us, this odd marketing tactic probably hasn’t dissuaded partiers from buying them.

And for some reason, these little orange buggers are especially popular in Hong Kong among foreign tourists.

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