Dennis Rodman’s Latest Trip to North Korea Is Sponsored by PotCoin, a Cannabis Crypto-Currency
It’s not exactly clear what either party stands to gain from the trip, but uncertainty has never stopped Rodman in the past.
Published on June 16, 2017

Hall of fame basketball player and oddly influential international “diplomat” Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea for the fifth time since 2013, with plans to once again meet with the country’s controversial leader, Kim Jong Un. However, this time, Rodman’s trip has been made possible by the cannabis-themed crypto-currency, PotCoin.




According to CNN, Rodman is making his first trip to the isolated Asian country to try and “bridge the gap” between America and North Korea since Donald Trump has assumed office. Despite his lofty goals, the American government has made it clear that the ex-hooper is traveling as a private citizen and is not under any State Department directives.

“We are aware of his visit. We wish him well, but we have issued travel warnings to Americans and suggested they not travel to North Korea for their own safety,” U.S. Under Secretary of State Thomas Shannon told reporters.


That’s where PotCoin, the company that essentially acts as a Bitcoin for the cannabis industry, and has been processing legal weed revenue since 2014, comes in. Rodman has been wearing a PotCoin branded t-shirt and hat throughout his travels, and was featured in a video on the PotCoin YouTube page where an unnamed travel companion, also in PotCoin garb, thanks the brand profusely for sponsoring the trip. 

“He has a unique, amazing relationship between both Donald Trump and Marshall Kim Jong Un. He’s the only man to have a relationship and be friends with both people.” The unnamed associate says in the video. “He’s going there to try to bridge the gap and bring peace and dialogue between both nations and PotCoin is the reason why we are going out there.”

“It’s all about peace.” Rodman adds.

Rodman is familiar with Trump from his time as a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” and first visited Kim Jong Un in 2013 after finding out the supreme leader was a fan of his work with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s. 

There doesn’t appear to be any specifically cannabis or crypto-currency reasoning behind the trip, but if publicity is what PotCoin is after, the value of the digital currency initially skyrocketed by 60% on Monday. However, it plummeted 23% by Wednesday, so maybe being affiliated with Dennis Rodman isn’t in PotCoin's best interest after all... 

Zach Harris
Zach Harris is a writer based in Philadelphia whose work has appeared on Noisey, First We Feast, and Jenkem Magazine. You can find him on Twitter @10000youtubes complaining about NBA referees.
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