Closed Early: Canadian Pot Shop Shorten Hours Due to Product Shortages
Canada has struggled to keep weed on the shelves in a number of provinces, with licensing and production snafus pushing product out dispensary doors quicker than the plant can grow.
Published on May 21, 2019

A Canadian pot shop is shuttering its dispensary in the middle of the week and cutting hours because it no longer has enough weed to supply its customers’ demands every day. Simultaneously, local authorities will not let the shop order more pot.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, has done away with its previous seven-day, 98-hour work week. Hobo will now close early on Tuesdays, open at 6pm on Thursdays, and will not open at all on Wednesdays. 

“We've been running out of cannabis for a few weeks now," Harrison Stoker, vice president of brand and culture for the Donnelly Group, the dispensary's parent company, told CBC.

Since going completely legal, Canada has struggled to keep weed on the shelves in a number of provinces, with licensing and production snafus pushing both full-strength flower and CBD products out dispensary doors quicker than the plant can grow. 

Stoker says that the Hobo shop sees some 1,400 customers a day, but with Ottawa limiting each dispensary’s weekly cannabis order to 25 kilograms (about 55 pounds), the shop is often sold out before hump day hits. 

"We would take twice as much in a heartbeat, absolutely, because we've got the demand," Stoker said. "But we're being good partners and neighbors on this one so we are [accepting] the policy that's been set."

And so instead, the shop will slash its hours, leaving local consumers scratching their heads and making employee paychecks a little lighter. Stoker told CBC that the dispensary has had to cut hours for budtenders and managers, but has not had to make any layoffs.

When confronted about the shortage, Ontario cannabis regulators said that they would adjust with the times, but added that they cannot increase the weekly supply at the present moment. 

"Given the national shortage of cannabis, OCS will continue to monitor the supply situation and may make adjustments as required to better support sales trends that are emerging," the Ontario Cannabis Store said in a statement. 

So if you’re looking to pick up a bag of bud in Canada’s capital, it might be time to take notes from Supreme fans and start lining up folding chairs outside of the dispensary in preparation for Thursday’s delivery. Get those sleeping bags ready, fam. 

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