Clit Spritz: Introducing Yet Another CBD Spray for the Vajayjay
Cannabis companies claim that terpenes enhance moods, but this CBD product is aiming to get folks “in the mood,” too.
Published on February 13, 2020

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Step aside, Jack’s Knob Polish. There’s a new weed sex lube with a hilarious name, and this one contains CBD and mood-enhancing terpenes to get the — ahem — hot-box fired-up and “in the mood.”

The Tonic’s Clit Spritz promises to keep the vulva “stimulated, lubricated, and rejuvenated” with just a few squirts of its weed-infused oils. The product contains CBD — a non-intoxicating component of cannabis — and terpenes, which are the aromatic, therapeutic oils found in eucalyptus, mint, tea leaves… and pot. 

“Whether you want to start a fire or fan the flames of your dampened desire, The Tonic have created a product that will put spark in your tinder box,” wrote product reviewer Louise Hill. “Plus it’s hotter and more fragrant than Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle.”

Hill claimed that Clit Spritz could counteract the worst symptoms of menopause, such as an utter lack of sexual arousal and severe vaginal dryness. But, according to the spray’s creator, if it works on folks with menopause, it should work for anyone else who owns a vulva, too.

“For this product in particular, we have taken the tingly, stimulating terpenes from the cannabis plant... and added them in abundance to the silky grapeseed oil to ensure you get a wonderful tingly and awakening sensation on your clitoris,” Kate Henderson, who’s also The Tonic’s founder, told The Daily Star. “The CBD will stimulate, increase blood flow, enhance sensation and aid in reducing any discomfort.”

There is one caveat to using the Clit Spritz in the bedroom: Since it’s an oil-based lube (and not water-based), avoid using latex condoms with this product. Oil will eat through rubber, which means not only are most condoms on the chopping block here, but latex diaphragms and latex-based sex toys will come apart with constant applications of Clit Spritz, too. And no one wants to visit the ER because a giant dragon dong broke off in their birth canal. 

Thankfully, there are alternative water-based weed lubes that are safe for both rubbers and rubber toys. For instance, Velvet Swing, created by Mistress Matisse and Chelsea Cebara, uses specially designed water-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes to get the vagina primed. And the best part about Velvet Swing is that it contains THC, which — let’s get right down to it — is truly everyone’s favorite part of cannabis. 

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