Christopher Walken Outs Himself as a Longtime Weed Smoker
Now it makes perfect sense why Walken once inspired the smoked-out hip-hop artist Notorious BIG.
Published on May 17, 2022

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Christopher Walken most definitely walks with rhythm. And he's been a longtime weed smoker, too.

In a recent interview with New York Times Magazine, Christopher Walken, the 78-year-old Academy Award-winning actor known for stealing the show in countless films, was asked if he’d ever been a “heavy marijuana smoker?” Walken answered the question with a response so cool, so eloquent and so well thought, only he could pull it off.

"Sure," he said.

In an effort to extract more juicy gossip from the beloved Hollywood star, the inteviewer followed up, asking: “Do you still smoke?” 

And again, Walken delivered a one word answer that melted our stoney hearts, a short but ever so sweet: “Sure.”

Walken hasn't portrayed stoners in any of his films, though he did inspire one of hip-hop's most smoked-out legends, the Notorious BIG. 

In the 1990 gangster-noir film, King of New York, Walken played drug kingpin Frank White. Besides once literally crowning himself as "The King of New York," Biggie also referred to himself as "the Black Frank White," in direct reference to Walken's character. 

Today, Biggie's son, CJ Wallace, owns and operates the Think Big cannabis brand, which debuted with a limited edition Frank White Creative Blend of pre-roll packs. 

As for Walken having ever tried any Frank White weed, the actor didn’t give up any information beyond confessing to inhaling. He did, however, recently nab the Emperor role for Denis Villeneuve's sequel to the psychedelic-space flick Dune, which we're sure Walken will make... extra spicy.

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