Chicago Cannabis Dispensary Robbed One Week Into Legalization
The cannabis cat burglars took as much cash as they could grab, but didn’t get away with any bud.
Published on January 7, 2020

Just one week after the debut of Illinois’ long-awaited adult-use cannabis program, a dispensary in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood has already reported a burglary.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Modern Cannabis (MOCA) dispensary on the city’s Northwest side was the target of a late night break-in over the weekend. 

But while MOCA brass suspect that the culprit came through a side door and might have even used a legitimate access card, dispensary owner Danny Marks said that the burglars only took money, and did not get away with any cannabis

Since the incident occurred in the middle of night, no customers, employees, or security guards were present during the robbery

“Our staff and customers mean the world to us, and everyone’s security is our absolute highest priority,” Marks told the Sun-Times. “We would like to thank everyone who wrote in with support and well wishes.”

Since Illinois kicked off recreational pot sales last week, dispensaries across the state, and particularly in the Windy City, have been bombarded with a constant stream of customers. As a result, some pot shops, including MOCA, have had to cease adult-use sales until more inventory is available. On Sunday, the day before the break-in, MOCA was entirely closed to recreational customers.

MOCA has been open in Chicago as a medical-only dispensary for three years now, and Marks told reporters that the shop has been a welcoming, safe space since opening its doors. 

“We take security extremely seriously and have never experienced an incident like this since we first opened in 2016,” Marks said.

Despite the inventory setbacks and criminal scare, MOCA is expected to resume adult-use cannabis sales soon.

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