Carlos Santana Is Launching a Pot Brand That Will Help Smokers "Follow Their Light"
The rock icon is jumping into the cannabis game, and it feels long overdue.
Published on January 16, 2020

Carlos Santana is officially joining the legion of celebrities who’ve launched their own cannabis brands. But in his characteristically smooth fashion, the axe shredder will be bringing some cosmopolitan flavor to his weed company, too. 

On Wednesday, Santana announced he’s partnering with Left Coast Ventures to develop his own line of THC and CBD products, which includes smokable buds, of course. The announcement said the Santana brand, “influenced by his Latin heritage,” would provide “high-quality products designed to leverage the power of historical remedies and allow consumers to discover and follow their light.”

"Cannabis is a window or a door to different awareness of consciousness," Santana said in a press release. "It gives you the choice to perceive through a different filter of awakening and healing, the misperception of distance as an illusion, which keeps you from being centered in your essence-core. It helps you arrive at knowing, accepting, and owning a quality of life that is being with joy!" 

If you’re itchin’ to get your hands on some Santana sativa right now, you’ll have to wait until the summer for his brand’s official launch, which will include THC-heavy pre-rolls and flower. In the fall, Santana will release his CBD line of topicals and other infused products, all of which are derived from hemp. 

Also, Santana’s weed products will only be available in California, at least at first. Fingers crossed that cannabis consumers in other weed-legal states will get to sample his crops sometime after they roll out in the Golden State.

Santana forever changed American music — and the tunes we all toke to — when he debuted in the late ‘60s with his unique blend of traditional Latin and African rhythms combined with good ol’ fashioned American rock-n-roll. And even at the age of 72, he’s still rocking everyone’s faces off, having recently collaborated with members of the Grateful Dead and rappers Tyga and YG. He was inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, and has won 10 US Grammys and three Latin Grammys across a career that spans over half a century.

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