Cannabis-Friendly Wedding Venues Are Opening Up Around the US
Here are some tips on where to throw a lit weed wedding.
Published on April 11, 2023

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In the age of legal cannabis, weed weddings are becoming more and more popular. These 420-friendly matrimonies usually offer a dab bar, a station to take bong rips, or have a professional joint roller to roll wedding guests something good. The hardest part about throwing a weed wedding, however, is finding a venue that allows people to toke up. Up until now, most weed weddings have had to take place at private residences — often, sprawling AirBnB estates. But there are ways to host weed weddings in public venues now, which is a trend likely to catch fire in the coming years (no pun intended). 

Liv Vasquez, owner of Livviesmalls Events, is a chef and event planner specializing in infusing cannabis into both food and events. She explained to GreenState that there's a way to successfully host large-scale cannabis events in a public venue

“Wedding and event planning with the addition of cannabis takes a lot of factors and takes looking at your event from multiple legality standpoints and service standpoints while making the entire process seem seamless and easy for your clients and their guests,” she explained. “I consistently have to think outside of the box and be someone with a great reputation, so when I come to the owners of these unique venues and tell them my plan, they are excited to work with me instead of hesitant to work with me.”

Adding cannabis into a wedding can complicate an already complicated process. That's why it's important to know the venues that are 420-friendly. See below for the details.


The Clarendon Hotel & Spa

This location doesn’t explicitly host weddings, but they are cannabis-friendly and offer a lounge and an elevated event series.  And while the grounds are specificallydesigned for weddings, the Director of Sales & Catering, Jennifer Baker, says the facility is down to get creative. “The Clarendon Hotel and Spa does not have a designated area for weddings, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be creative and do weddings on property. If people like our unique way of doing this, it is an offering.” The roof offers a beautiful view, and the team may be able to accommodate small parties in the cannabis consumption lounge, too, according to GreenState


Bowman Cellars

This family-owned winery is located in the Russian River Valley in Northern California. Co-owner Alexander Bowman grew up making Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel with his father and is known as a winemaker for these wines. People can book private events at the winery, which features an intimate dining area and patio. The venue features a large commercial kitchen and an Airstream trailer that transforms into a bar. While it's unclear if they'd be down to host a full-on weed wedding at their event space, the Bowman website explicitly says they're cannabis-friendly. So there's that. 

Harmony Chapel

Harmony Chapel is an eco-conscious event space located in California's central coast. It was once a dairy farm, but now it features a 100-year-old chapel, sprawling gardens, and a red brick courtyard. Harmony can accommodate up to 100 guests, and couples can request the Harmony ice cream truck for slow-churned scoops at the reception. The Wedding Chicks blog shared a cannabis wedding thrown at Harmony Chapel and explained how the event stayed within the bounds of the law. The venue created a cannabis lounge to ensure compliance — no one under 21 could access cannabis products.


Pine Cone Avenue Social 

It's dreamy at the Longmont, Colorado event venue and botanical farm. The best part is that it's focused on sustainability. Events thrown here center in the rotunda surrounded by 300 perennials, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Guests can appreciate the mountain views or check out the iron gazebo, sunflower fields, solar greenhouse, and historic train car. Once a couple books the space, owner Jennifer Gray plans every bit of decor based on their vision. In other words, no two events thrown at Pine Cone Avenue Social are the same. Cannabis weddings held there in the past had full cannabis bar service. This is an ideal venue for a small to midsize event – they can accommodate up to 50 guests. 


The Potlandia Experience

If the venue you want your wedding to be at doesn’t allow on-site consumption, a mobile cannabis lounge might be the answer. The Potlandia Experience rents out its cannabis bus lounge. The bus can be safely parked at the venue, offering a space for guests and the wedding party to smoke, dab, or safely dose out their edibles. 

Just remember that the easiest way to have a legal cannabis wedding is to to host it in a private residence. “All of the venues that I have used previously have been a residence in unique locations like a rooftop succulent garden in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and a greenhouse that counted as a private residence on a winery in Oregon wine country," Liv Vasqueztold GreenState. "Unfortunately, because these people opened up basically part of their home to me to host these events, elopements, weddings and more I can’t recommend one of these venues specifically, but I can give this advice: Stay flexible, and you might have to pivot a few times in the planning stage.”

If you can't find a venue that meets your 420 needs, just remember that a private residence is the way to go.

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