Cannabis 101: Nevada Is Now Offering College Courses on Pot
The College of Southern Nevada is one-upping other schools with cannabis courses by offering three new weed classes.
Published on April 9, 2019

College students in the Battleborn State can now sign up for accredited weed courses.

The College of Southern Nevada added three cannabis-oriented classes to its curriculum due to the industry’s shortage of skilled workers. The courses were designed by the college and its Division of Workforce and Economic Development, a self-supporting office that guides aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Our aim is to be responsive to industry and business demand with regard to helping to supply a trained workforce,” said Ricardo Villalobos, the division’s executive director (no relation to the producer), to the Las Vegas Sun. “The marijuana industry has grown significantly in Nevada. With the industry taking in almost $70 million in tax revenue last year, this is something that makes sense.”

What will the new courses entail?

The Dispensary Customer Service class is a single-day course that shows students how to properly engage weed shoppers.

The Green Collar Jobs course, a five-day affair, will provide essential pointers for breaking into the highly-competitive weed industry.

The third class, aptly titled Cannabis 101, gives students a crash-course in weed basics.

Students can sign up now for the classes, which kick off the college’s summer semester.

Other institutions of higher education recently rolled out weed classes, too. Prospective pot barons can study cannabis at accredited schools in Colorado, Connecticut, Ohio, Arizona, Massachusetts, California, and — for those wanting to study abroad — Israel.

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