Canadian Conservatives Believe Legal Weed Will Turn Kids into Drug Mules
Liberals stepped up to defend legalization, saying that the overall objective of the proposal is to do away with the black market altogether.
Published on June 1, 2017

Canada’s conservative political forces are concerned that the nation’s legal marijuana market is going to turn children into “drug mules,” according to a report from Huffington Post Canada.

Earlier this week, MP Marilyn Gladu told the House of Commons that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “Cannabis Act” would not achieve its primary objective in keeping marijuana out of the hands of children, but rather, it would enslave the youth as part of increased drug cartel activity.

Gladu argued that since the legalization bill decriminalizes minor pot possession for kids under the age of 18, it provides an opening for criminal organizations to utilize minors in the distribution of marijuana.

“Does the minister not agree that this would put cannabis in the hands of youth? In fact, they would probably become the drug mules at the school,” she said.

Another major concern oozing from the mouths of conservatives is that giving individual households the freedom to grow up to four plants might endanger children by giving them more access to the herb.

“Is there any easier way for young people to get marijuana than if their parents have four plants in the kitchen? Is there any easier way for them to have access than that?” asked Tory justice critic, Rob Nicholson, a former attorney general, during his speech to the House.

Fortunately, Liberal MP William Blair, who serves as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, stepped up to defend the bill, saying that the overall objective of the proposal is to do away with the black market altogether.

As for the potential problems at home, other liberals argued that parents would be responsible for ensuring their kids did not get into marijuana, the same as they do now with respect to alcohol and prescription drugs.

Canada is expected to roll out its nationwide marijuana legalization scheme later next year. The plan is designed to allow adults to purchase weed in a manner similar to beer.

Mike Adams
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