California Cops Bust Illicit Dab Lab in a Rented U-Haul
Highway patrol cops initially believed that they had found a rolling meth lab, before discovering THC oil leaking out of the rented truck.
Published on January 29, 2019

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The most important part of driving a U-Haul is to make sure you’ve secured your cargo, especially if your cargo is a full-scale illicit THC oil lab.

In an incident that sounds like something out of Breaking Bad, California Highway Patrol cops discovered a mobile cannabis oil processing lab in the back of a rented truck on Monday, after an officer spotted a dark substance leaking from the back of the vehicle.

According to KABC News, a highway patrolman pulled over the U-Haul for a routine traffic stop, and immediately smelled chemical odors coming from the truck. At that point, the cops assumed the car was carrying a meth lab, leading them to close down the entire street and call in a hazmat team.

After popping open the back of the truck and discovering the full workings of a cannabis oil processing lab, which could be used to make highly concentrated extracts, local police arrested the driver and passenger, both of whom claimed that they had no knowledge of what was inside of the truck. And frankly, judging from the sloppy driving and leaking cargo, we’re sort of inclined to believe them.

Despite the full hazmat outfits and dangerous appearance of dark oils sloshing around in unsecured scientific beakers, police say that no one was harmed during the impromptu raid, and the chemicals discovered pose no danger to the public.

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