Air Force Begins Investigation Into Alleged Cannabis Use at Nuclear ICBM Base
No accidental rockets were fired due to loose shake or errant embers, but officials at Minot Air Force Base are taking accusations of pot use on the long-range missile base very seriously.
Published on October 24, 2019

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If America’s military ever has to press the red button and engage in an intercontinental missile strike, the Air Force wants to make sure the personnel on hand aren’t red eyed and stoned. 

According to Task and Purpose, Air Force officials at the Minot missile base in North Dakota are currently investigating whether or not an airman stationed at a highly sensitive missile alert facility (MAF) to watch over a cache of Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles consumed cannabis on the job.

Reports of the on-base pot use first appeared on a Facebook group dedicated to Air Force members and quickly drew the attention of commanding officers. The Air Force made a policy change two years ago to allow past cannabis users into the ranks of elite jet fighters, but pot use during active duty is both against the rules and heavily frowned upon. 

Air Force official 2nd Lt. Gabriel M. Cushing has already refuted rumors that a joint was found between couch cushions below deck at the base, but the officer did confirm that an investigation into "reports of suspected illegal drugs at an above-ground facility" is underway. And in typical tight-lipped military fashion, Lt. Cushing isn’t letting out any more info until the inquiry is closed.

"We take this matter seriously and will investigate this fully," Cushing told Task and Purpose. "No further information will be provided until the investigation concludes."

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