A Cannabis Company Is Selling a 420-Pound Weeded Chocolate Bar For $42,000
This is one edible that you're not going to be able to eat in a single serving.
Published on April 19, 2023

A cannabis edibles company is celebrating 4/20 this year by infusing a 420-pound chocolate bar with 4.2 million milligrams of THC.

Zen Cannabis, a legal cannabis producer with locations in California, Massachusetts, Missouri and Oklahoma, just revealed what may be the world's largest-ever cannabis edible. The company's new “Big Zen” bar measures 9 feet by 4 feet by three inches, weighs in at 420 pounds, and includes 4,200 grams of THC. And in keeping with the 420 theme, Zen is selling the edible for a hefty $42,000.

"It's not everyday you make history and we're doing it here in Oklahoma City,” said Zen Special Projects Manager Evan Senn in a statement. “We've put a secret twist on our signature Zen chocolate bar recipe and supersized it to create 'The Big Zen' bar. We're talking 9 by 4 feet!"

Creating this chocolate monolith was no easy feat. The company reportedly kicked off production at its Oklahoma City location four months ago by extracting five liters of cannabis oil from 100 pounds of flower. Twelve employees then spent six hours a day for ten straight days mixing this dank oil with twelve 40-gallon vats of milk chocolate. 

“We needed a custom mold, and that took a month to make,” said Zen CEO Jeremy Zachary to HuffPost. “It took four pours to get the whole bar right.” Those final pours took another 24 hours, and then the massive confection was left to cool for another 18 hours in a refrigerated chamber custom-designed just for this single task.

It definitely seems like The Big Zen could qualify for a Guinness World Record for the largest weed edible ever made. But sadly, Guinness refuses to acknowledge records that have anything to do with weed. Massachusetts cannabis producer MariMed discovered this lame fact after creating a 3-foot-square, 850-pound pot brownie with over 20,000mg of THC. MariMed's creation was actually the largest brownie ever made – but Guinness refused to award the brownie a record because it contained THC.

Zachary insists that The Big Zen is for sale, and not just a publicity stunt for the record books. The CEO told HuffPost that the massive edible “is for serious buyers only,” but did encourage said buyers to “start with small bites.”

Those 4.2 million milligrams of THC definitely overshoot the 1,000 milligram-per-package THC limit imposed by Oklahoma's medical marijuana regulations, though. Wrapping a 420-pound edible in childproof packaging certainly seems like a serious challenge as well. 

Regardless, the Big Zen highlights the ongoing love story between chocolate and weed. The US cannabis industry is actually expected to outsell the domestic chocolate industry this year, but chocolate producers can rest assured that weed edible companies will always be ready to score some of their decadent confections.

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