64% of Cannabis Users Will Ditch Booze for Weed This Holiday Season, Poll Finds
Two-thirds of tokers said they would avoid alcohol and just stick with herb during the 2020 holidays, and over half of them plan to give weed-themed gifts.
Published on December 24, 2020

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2020 has been one of the most stressful years in recent memory, prompting a growing number of people to avoid alcohol in favor of weed.

A new consumer poll, conducted by California cannabis and hemp producer Glass House Group confirmed this trend away from booze. Out of 637 respondents, 64 percent said they were planning to replace swilling alcohol with consuming cannabis over the holidays. 

Only 19.3 percent said they definitely planned to drink this year, and another 16.5 percent weren't sure. About two-thirds (67 percent) also said that they were planning to drink less this year than they did during last year's holiday season. These findings back several research studies showing that booze sales, and even internet searches for alcohol, have been declining in legal-weed states.

A solid 96.7 percent of respondents said they planned to get high over the holidays, and around 64 percent said they were doing so to get better sleep or improve their general wellness. Over half of these cannabis users said they would be getting high for pain relief (50.3 percent), to manage holiday stress (53.4 percent), or to just plain have fun (57.2 percent).

"We're witnessing a paradigm shift and the poll shows that cannabis is becoming a mainstream choice for consumers,” said Glass House Group Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Kyle Kazan in a statement. “With health and wellness top of mind during the ongoing pandemic, it's also not shocking that more consumers plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis this year.” 

The survey also asked respondents how they felt about giving or receiving weed-themed gifts this year. Nearly 53 percent of those polled said they planned to give cannabis gifts during the holidays, and most said they would give these gifts to friends (71.2 percent), family (65.2 percent), or to significant others (40.8 percent). Two-thirds of the respondents also said that they had given weed as gifts in the past.

"As we close out another groundbreaking year for cannabis, this new poll reveals gifting cannabis products is one of the hottest consumer trends this holiday season," Kazan added.

The most popular gift idea this year is cannabis flower, which 65.8 percent of poll respondents said they planned to give this year. Another 61.3 percent said they would leave edibles under the tree, 54.7 percent said they planned to hand out pre-rolls, and about a third said they would stuff CBD products in stockings. Similarly, 69.3 percent said they would prefer to receive flower as a gift, followed by edibles (56.4 percent), pre-rolls (51.3 percent) and vapes (33.2 percent).

Nearly 84 percent of holiday shoppers said they planned to pick up their gifts at a local dispensary, and less than ten percent said they would order from a delivery service. Less than two percent of respondents admitted that they would buy their holiday weed gifts on the black market.

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