Young Thug Is a No-Show in His New “Wyclef Jean” Music Video
Thugger may have just released the best music video of the year without even showing up to set.
Published on January 18, 2017

When it comes to the Young Thug’s music videos, there usually tends to be an endless procession of cash, homies, and big booties surrounding the fashion-forward rapper. Known for his outlandish persona and wickedly melodic bars, Thugger shook up the genre last year by rocking a Mortal Kombat inspired dress and temporarily changing his stage name for his Jefferey mixtape

In his latest music video for the Jeffery cut “Wyclef Jean,” Thugger drops some mind-bogglingly meta visuals. The creative and off-the-cuff seeming video was directed by Pomp&Clout’s Ryan Staake, who may have been forced to invoke the rapper’s vision for the video without him actually being present. 

The music video starts with an audio recording of Young Thug describing his desired direction for the visual, which includes “bad bitches” driving around the Hollywood Hills in “foreign kiddie cars.” Aside from a brief clip of Thugger munching on Cheetos, the video focuses on the director being forced to shoot the entire thing while waiting for the rapper to show up. Throughout the action, the shots are spliced with witty text explaining the “real” story behind the confounding Young Thug-less visual. 

Somehow, Staake still manages to create a top-notch video with his hilarious narrative and high-quality shots, which includes B-roll of the production team and kids smashing a cop car with baseball bats. In then end, Young Thug finally does roll up onto the set, but departs without even getting out of the car thanks to a verbal altercation that develops between his bodyguard and the police. 


“On my way home, I wondered if Young Thug would’ve liked the shoot we put together for him. But I guess none of the matters. In fact, maybe that’s the moral of the story: None of this matters,” the video’s text reads in an existential conclusion.  


While the video could pass for a well-executed and tongue-in-cheek avant-garde piece, Young Thug’s representatives have confirmed that the rapper really didn’t show up for most of the shoot. His rep also claims that Thugger “gave his input and creative direction for the concept and theme” for the video.

However, considering that the visual was officially released by Young Thug’s camp, it seems likely that the rapper was more than satisfied with the final product, regardless of whether or not his absence was planned in advance.

Tyler Koslow
Tyler Koslow is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with an intensive focus on technology, music, pop culture, and of course, cannabis and its impending legalization.
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