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Watch Ty Dolla $ign Smoke Out in Switzerland In “$” Video

The international dolla sign of mystery.

by Adrian Nuñez

Ty Dolla $ign has officially become an international man of mystery, as evidenced in his latest video for “$.”

The track from his most recent Campaign album receives some visual treatment in the country of Switzerland. Dolla $ign spits his most bragadocious flows whilst mobbing and smoking out through the most picturesque Swiss locations. We find Dolla enjoying some aquatic time on a speedboat, hanging out with ladies in a forest, and dancing around on Swiss rooftops. Talk about vacation goals.

Check out the video for “$” here.


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Adrian Nuñez is a writer from New Jersey who has contributed work on the topics of music, fashion, and general dope shit for publications like Mass Appeal, Esquire, and Sole Collector.



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