Strain & Songs: Stardawg
The perfect playlist for a jolly good time.
Published on December 29, 2015

Photo: Medical Jane

Music and cannabis share much in common:  both are timeless, both contain widely diverse “genres” and “strains” respectively, and both have a way of making people feel something good. It’s no wonder--no big mystery--why they go hand-in-hand and complement one another. This series, Strain & Song Pairings, will examine optimal combinations of music and cannabis in an effort to elicit particular moods and sensations for the betterment of both experiences.

Stardawg is a hybrid strain with vivid green buds covered in bright and shining trichomes twinkling like northern stars. It is a cross between Tres Dawg and Chemdawg 4, making it a potent and intensely flavorful strain.  Deep notes of pine and diesel linger on the tongue after each puff.

The effects of this strain can be described as “jolly” or “joyful.” It brings in high marks in categories such as euphoria, happiness and relaxation. This strain uplifts, reduces anxiety and stress, and yet at the same time it’s known to promote focus and assist in raising energy levels. This is most certainly a feel good strain, with a heady high to match.

For a strain that is so jolly, only an equally uplifting playlist will do. The following custom playlist, named for the stain, consists of five songs which invoke joy, giddy happiness and make for a fine accompaniment for the Stardawg strain.

Canadian singer/song-writer, Feist, starts the playlist off with the song Mushaboom, a playful and light song with catchy lyrics and a joyful melody. Feist’s voice is pleasant and bright while the song itself is uplifting and cheerful, evoking thoughts of play and whimsy.

Next up is a throwback, an old classic by the 1940s band, The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman. Their impeccable harmonies coupled with the whimsical and dreamy melody makes for a jolly and joyful song that is reminiscent of bells and holiday cheer.

Pharrell Williams takes over from there with his hit song, Happy. His smooth and delightful vocals pair with a melody that is both groovy and uplifting. The lyrics evoke joyful feelings that pair effortlessly with the playful sounds, urging the listener to sing along and declare, “Because I’m happy.”

Keller Williams follows with his song Best Feeling, accompanied by The String Cheese Incident. The music is joyful and sweet, while containing elements of childlike joy. The vocals are equally smile-inducing and heartfelt, creating feelings of jolliness that leave the listener, as the lyrics say, feeling like a “kid on Christmas day.”

Finally to close out the list is The Derek Trucks Band with their song Sailing On. Wistful and soothing, the light and airy melody and vocals combine for a sound that leaves the listener feeling as though they are sailing along through a fluffy cloud filled sky. Combined with Trucks expert guitar work, the song has a way of evoking peacefulness and a happy calm.

These five songs, through their various melodies and harmonies, invoke a joyful mood befitting the Stardawg strain. Whimsical, uplifting and happy, this strain and playlist pairing will leave one feeling jolly and light hearted.

Rae Lland
Rae Lland is a freelance writer, journalist and former editor for Weedist and The Leaf Online. With a focus on science, culture, health and wellness, in addition to her work for MERRY JANE she is a long time contributor to Leafly, and has been featured in numerous cannabis blogs as well as print editions of Cannabis Now Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @rae.lland
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