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SpaceGostPurrp Shares Unreleased A$AP Rocky Collab "R.I.P. Yams"

Is the beef between these two over?

by Adrian Nuñez

Although it’s well known that Florida’s SpaceGhostPurpp influenced the early stages of A$AP Rocky’s music, the pair had a very public falling out. Rocky dissed Purpp in a number of tracks following the dispute, while Purpp sort of faded into obscurity. Things took a nasty turn when A$AP’s guiding general A$AP Yams passed away in 2015 and SpaceGhost chose to diss and make fun of the late Yams in a series of tracks.

However, it looks as though Purpp is seeking reconciliation. We can guess this much based on the release of “R.I.P. Yams,” a previously unreleased track that features Purpp and Rocky trading verses. There’s no telling how old this recording is, or if the pair have buried the hatchet, but take a listen to the track here . If a renewed friendship means we may be hearing more track like this one, we are all for it. 



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Adrian Nuñez is a writer from New Jersey who has contributed work on the topics of music, fashion, and general dope shit for publications like Mass Appeal, Esquire, and Sole Collector.



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