Murs’ MERRY JANE Playlist Takeover
Listen to the Los Angeles native’s track selections, and read a bonus interview to boot!
Published on March 23, 2017

You may find it hard to believe, but Murs has been putting out music since 1996, when he and fellow emcees Scarub and Eligh joined Living Legends.

Since then, he’s released 10 solo albums, collaborated on albums with Slug (from Atmosphere), Terrace Martin and 9th Wonder (among others) been the frontman in a few bands (including The White Mandingos) and has even become a Guinness World Record Holder.

Over the past two decades, Murs has navigated the hip-hop soundscape expertly and eclectically, dropping his latest LP, Captain California just under two weeks ago. While he may experiment with different productions and sounds, the final product is never disappointing.

So go ahead and bump Murs’ selections below, but be sure to scroll down and read our short bonus interview as well.

Over 20 years in the game may be a long time, but one thing is for sure, he’s still "trying to live life cool, Morris Day”!  

MERRY JANE: What is your most memorable smoking experience?

MURS: Driving around for hours hotboxing in a pickup truck after school with my best friend and our track coach. Listening to the new Doggystyle cassette on repeat. I got too high and had a bad trip. Don't even remember the album. To this day I haven't listened to it. I think I might have a flashback. All I remember is hearing the hook to "The Shiznit" over and over with my face smashed against the window wishing I could remember how to roll it down.

If you were a boxer, what song would you come out to?

"All The Way Live" - Tha Alkaholiks.

Who is your guilty pleasure artist?

Katy Perry.

What song most reminds you of your childhood?

Anita Baker – “Caught Up In The Rapture.”

Which song that you've released means the most to you?

“Animal Style.”

Who has been your favorite artist to work with? What is your dream collaboration?

Terrace Martin has been my favorite artist to work with. And my dream collab would be Tupac or Dr. Dre.

What's in your near future? Any projects you are currently working on?

Having a baby. Home birth. Cuz my GF is a str8 G.

What does it feel like to have 10 solo studio albums to your name? How many more do you see yourself putting out? 

I'm grateful for he longevity. I don't take it for granted at all. And I'm gonna keep putting out albums as long as I'm inspired. And with all the love and respect I continue to get, seems like I'll be around for a while.

How does the process differ on your collaborative albums than on your solo albums? Is it harder or easier? How so? 

Collabs and solo projects are equally challenging, just in different ways. On collabs I usually let the other artist/s take the lead. That way it becomes a true learning experience. And there's a lot less bumping of heads creatively when it's clear who is captain of the ship. Solo is hard because sink or swim, you're 100% accountable. It's kind of like being an NFL QB (solo) vs. being a part of the O-line (collabs). 

Were there any standout moments in the recording process of Captain California

Having my son at some of the sessions. And being able to get him to do an intro for a song on the album (“G is For Gentrify”) was awesome. And having little brother, my bff and number one fan, on the last track meant a lot to me too.

MERRY JANE is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to elevating the discussion around cannabis culture.
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