¡MAYDAY!'s Bernz Drops Solo Album and Video for "Smoke N' F**k"
This is a song that all stoners can relate to.
Published on July 8, 2016

Bernz from ¡Mayday! is stepping out on his own, releasing his solo LP, See You On The Other Side, this Friday.

The Miami native worked on the album locally with producers who’ve worked with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

Bernz dropped the video for “Smoke N’ F**k”, a track the Strange Music artist tells MERRY JANE is a pro-cannabis anthem for women.

"Smoking is like a boy’s club, so this is a cool way for women to say, ‘I like to smoke, too.’”

Watch the video for "Smoke N’ F**k" below, and read on for our Q&A with Bernz.

MERRY JANE: How has it been branching out from ¡Mayday!?

Bernz: The group is my baby, but recently I’ve been taking a break from that. I got the call from Tech N9ne, he said there were a good amount of fans asking for something from me.

MJ: ¡Mayday! is known for making genreless music, can we anticipate more of that with your solo album?

B: I think it’s more indicative of what everyone is like in this day and age. Everyone is into everything. Those separations like the rock kids or the rap kids, they are way more blurred than they were when I was a kid.

MJ: Do you think weed brings people together?

B: I think when you smoke weed it’s relaxing, and it gives everyone common ground.

MJ: Describe your standard smoke sesh?

B: Lately, I’ve been dabbing a lot, so now I don’t wake and bake. I’ll wait until I get into the studio to work to really take advantage of the creativity that comes along with the dabs.


A photo posted by mrbernz (@mrbernz) on

A photo posted by mrbernz (@mrbernz) on

MJ: Do you ever smoke flower?

B: I only smoke the bud when I’m on tour, I don’t want my thoughts racing at a million miles an hour

MJ: What’s your favorite thing to do while high?

B: I love writing rhymes. Writing or making stuff like creating music or making a beat.

MJ: Do you dab anything in particular?

B: I live in Florida, so I’m at the mercy of whatever is around. That’s why I’m thinking of slowing down on the wax because you don’t know what type of solvents are being used. I’m going to keep the dabs around as a party favor, though.

MJ: Tell us about the first time you got high.

B: When I first started making music at 16, we were on some straight edge shit, living a straight edge type of life. I was on the older side when I started smoking herb. Back then it was when people were mostly smoking philly blunts. In Florida back then, there were only two types of weed, Crippy, our version of hydro, and everything else was “Reggie”, weed from Jamaica and Mexico. After 9/11 all of the regs disappeared in Miami and that’s when hydroponic really took off.

Bernz’s solo LP See You On The Other Side drops July 8. Get it on iTunes here.

Sasha Horne
Sasha Horne is News Editor at MERRY JANE. Connect @SashaHorne on Twitter and Instagram.
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