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Madlib and DOOM Finally Release New Track “Avalanche”

Will we eventually be graced with another Madvillain album?

by Skully La Senza

by Skully La Senza

MF DOOM and Madlib have been teasing a new collaborative project for years, progressively getting fans excited with snippets and pieces of new tracks. Now, the heralded one-time duo known as Madvillain (responsible for the classic Madvillainy) have finally released a new single via Rappcats called "Avalanche."

The track finds DOOM spewing witty quips about Funyun-faced rappers, referring to them as "toys" and more. DOOM also speaks on his time away from the limelight, saying "they thought the don had gone silent, since deep in his studies he's accepted non-violence."

As DOOM takes the time to talk his shit, Madlib's instrumental shows how sharp he has stayed, as a vocal pattern is constantly chopped to pieces with a light drum pattern accompanying the sequence.

There's no word on a date for any new full-length project. "Avalanche" will be available via a 7" single and will also be released with a new Madvillain action figure.

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