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Curren$y Releases “Defenseless” and Dedicates it to Slain NFL Player Joe McKnight

R.I.P. Joe McKnight.

by Skully La Senza

by Skully La Senza

You would think that dropping a project every month this year would stop Curren$y from continuing with a heavy output music, but that is far from the case. After releasing the mixtape Andretti 11/30, the rapper followed up with the new track "Defenseless."

The song comes not long after the killing of Joe McKnight, an ex-NFL player from New Orleans. McKnight was shot and killed in a road rage incident by a man shouting racial and anti-gay slurs, who ended up only being charged with manslaughter. According to police reports, McKnight was only holding a soda in his hand.
Curren$y's rhymes are usually super chill and all about partaking in trees, reflecting on his affinity for lowriders, and making that check, but Jet Life general switched up the vibe and got real on us in “Defenseless.”  Over some very serious production by Smitty Beatz, Curren$y says "I'm just tryna make a mill and not get killed, 'cause your life only matters to your immediate family, But Daddy this shit real, They'll flip ya, looking through field goggles, A successful scholar, just a dangerous n*gga.”
The lyrics he spits definitely mirror many Americans’ feelings about rampant racism and injustice, as well as the numerous killings of unarmed black men and women.
Listen to “Defenseless” here.


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