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Flume and Vince Staples Take on “My Boo”

This ain’t the running man challenge.

by Skully La Senza

by Skully La Senza

For a majority of 2016, Ghost Town DJ’s 1995 track “My Boo” has been given a second life thanks to the viral “Running Man” challenge that featured a weird-ass dance that looks nothing like the original running man dance.

Despite the odd nature of the dance, the melody and catchy hook pulled through once again and reminded many of just how great Ghost Town DJs’ song is, including versatile and prodigious producer Flume.

The Australian producer has taken his time to craft his own version of the popular song, giving it a distinctly more modern electronic take. Flume also made sure to not change the powerful and memorable hook, but the sound is very much a unique spin, especially given that it also features Vince Staples. The rapper spits two verses that actually match the mood of the track perfectly, finding him trying to put his bid in for a boo of his very own.

Listen to the track here


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