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Kevin Hart’s Rap Career Is About to Wreak Havoc

Comedian's alter ego "Chocolate Droppa" releases debut single featuring T.I. and Migos.

by Michael Geslani

Kevin Hart is a busy man with a new stand-up comedy called What Now? set to release in October. he recently brought back his alter ego “Chocolate Droppa” in the mix to help out by releasing his debut rap song “Baller Alert” featuring T.I. and Migos. The Leg Luger-produced track is the first song on the What Now? (The Mixtape) which is set to release October 14 the same date as the film.

The ATL sound is abundant in this one with natives T.I. and Migos laying down the usual bars and although Chocolate Droppa doesn’t lay down some bars he can be heard asking the Migos in the background about “clarity” when the chirp noise hits and also if the noise “is an alarm or bird call.”

Chocolate Droppa made his appearance just a few days ago on Instagram where he takes some jabs at rappers such as 2 Chainz, Drake and even Yeezy who didn’t take kindly to a recent diss from Kid Cudi.


“Ye' got cheek implants, look at them cheeks… they ain’t real,” as he freestyles over the beat. “Drake beard ain’t real… that’s a weave/ Canadian weave.”

Looks like Chocolate Droppa is calling out all rappers so watch out and catch the video here


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Michael Geslani is a Silicon Valley based writer who graduated from San Jose State University. You can follow him on IG @careerhigh.



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