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James Blake Pulls a Beyonce With Surprise Album 'The Colour in Anything'

Watch the new video for “I Need A Forest Fire” featuring Bon Iver.

by MP Wilkinson

by MP Wilkinson

James Blake recently pulled a “Beyoncé”, meaning he did a surprise drop of his new album The Colour in Anything. Since then, the singer who specializes in emotionally-charged electronic stylings released the music video for “I Need A Forest Fire,” featuring Bon Iver.

The UVA-directed video serves a variety of moods to accompany the track.

In the video, we see statues crumbling every which way, along with Blake appearing in random shots. The visual weaves in and out of light and dark, casting shadows of the singer along with objects like butterflies, birds, and clock pendulums.

Relax your mind and watch the music video below: 


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