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J Dilla's "Baby" is a Posthumous Bonus Track

More music has surfaced from the late producer.

by MP Wilkinson

by MP Wilkinson

A posthumous album from J Dilla titled The Diary was released a few weeks back, which featured production and appearances from Pete Rock, Bilal, Nas, and Snoop Dogg.

Now, more music has surfaced from the late producer in the form of the track “Baby”.

This is a bonus track from the upcoming deluxe edition re-release of his fourth album Jay Loves Japan. "Baby" chops and weaves a woozy vocal sample throughout police sirens, piercing strings, and horn stabs. The song is one out of four bonus joints, and is reminiscent of Dilla’s Donuts sound.

The glue that makes all of the sounds stick together is Dilla’s penchant for adding detailed syncopated notes over top of his signature heavy drums.

Listen below.


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