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G-Eazy and Macklemore Join YG for "Fuck Donald Trump (Part 2)"

The Bompton rapper further roasts the Donald with a little help from some friends.

by Adrian Nuñez

Since the Republican National Convention (RNC) happened in Cleveland last week, rapper YG has released a sequel to his controversial track “Fuck Donald Trump”. The remix features G-Eazy and Macklemore, who assist the Compton native with an updated dedication to the presidential candidate. In each of the three verses, the trio endlessly attack Mr. Trump and his world views as well as his politics. Points argued in the song are the candidate’s stance on immigration, gun violence, and his blatant racism. With our country facing much civil turmoil, the song aims to ultimately foil Trump’s impending reign of terror if he becomes President of the United States. Additionally, each rapper drops some hilarious punchlines insulting the Donald’s hair, antics, and shouting out his daughter’s good looks.

Stream “Fuck Donald Trump (Part 2)” below.


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