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De La Soul Debuts Unreleased Track "Sho Nuff"

New music to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the hip-hop trio!

by MP Wilkinson

by MP Wilkinson

De La Soul really cares about their fans, and it shows in the way they release music.

The trio has been working tirelessly at finishing their upcoming kickstarter-funded album, Anonymous Nobody, and didn’t want to leave fans hanging so they released a surprise EP titled For Your Pain & Suffering.

The Long Island, New York group also celebrated the 25th anniversary of their 1991 album De La Soul Is Dead this past week.

Can you guess what they did to commemorate that milestone? They released new music, of course!

De La Soul dropped the track “Sho Nuff", which is an unreleased joint from the De La Soul Is Dead sessions in 1991. The track is produced by Posdnuos, and very much fits the vibe of their 1991 album that is heralded as a breakout statement by the trio.

The track has a rolling drum break with saxophone stabs and scratches weaving in and out, and is completed by the tape hiss that is cast over the recording.

Listen below.


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