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Clams Casino Drops a New Track Called “Blast”

Check out the Strangeloop-created visuals.

by MP Wilkinson

by MP Wilkinson

Clams Casino and his instrumentals have been heralded as “if you know, you know”-type talking points for fans and musicians alike, and now the producer is adding more depth to his catalogue with the release of the track “Blast”. Known for his collaborations with A$AP Rocky as well as his instrumental work, Clams Casino breaks the musical silence he’s been in since 2013 with the new instrumental.

The track manipulates an airy vocal sample, and has pitched-down drums and dark synths as an underbelly for the choppy phrases.

“Blast” is set to be on Casino’s upcoming debut studio album 32 Levels, out on July 15 via Columbia Records.

Check out the Strangeloop-created visual to go along with Casino's misty track below.


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